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Jul 27, 2012 11:00pm PDT
are we? and what does an investigation of the pastel us about where we have been and where we're going and that's the gift of history, the medicine of history. so you come across something and you have to say yes. there is a kind of economy of scale, there's a great warp and wolf to american history. i have been through the 1920s on about seven or eight different films, and each time the 20s i go through are totally different. even prohibition and baseball or jazz which you would think would be really close, it seemed really different. >> in that context do these films find you or do you seek them out? >> you know what that's a really good question. i -- i think they choose me. i just feel like i'm susceptible to a good i'll read a book. somebody i'm working with will be talking about something, and one of my partners will say i'm dying to do this and ten years later that's the only thing you want to do. they -- they -- i feel like i am samoa or guam, an american possession, and if it's an american story, then i am interested in it. but i don't mean to suggest that i
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am PDT
inmates here, so they've had to make use of the extra space. this is actually a gymnasium. but as you can see, they're using it to house inmates. ♪ these are lower level inmates, inmates from level 1 and 2 which means that they're not the serious violent offenders. how about this guy right here? where you from? >>i'm from southern california san bernardino. >>what are you in here for? >>assault. >>assault. how long are you in for? >>i'm going home on tuesday. >>you're on a six-month violation for violating your parole? >>yes. original charge was sales of marijuana. trafficking marijuana. >>can you show us where you sleep, your bunk? >>yeah, sure. come on. >>thanks a lot. >>yeah. this is my food. eat a lot of rice. my girlfriend, she sent me this, just for fun. >>the worst case scenario, survival guide. have you learned any tips from that? >>this is must-have in prison. teach you a lot of good stuff. >>you can see the dorm rules of the gym. things like no banging on the doors, use your own phone time make the bed area when not in use. but there are also the rules the pr
Jul 15, 2012 7:00am PDT
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Jul 13, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. >> this phone in your hands is more powerful than any computer you used 20 years ago. it's link said to the world. people don't understand the significance of that. i was walking with my kids in los angeles and we ran into a pay phone and my kids are like what's that? they don't have a conception of a world that isn't internet accessible where they can't pull down any movie they want. >> there are kids, i think we've all had the experience of your son going to the t.v. and punching it. >> he kept hitting the t.v. and he said mom there's something -- the t.v.'s broken. it was the old paradigm of a person sitting back and not being immersed in the experience is over, the couch potato is now a couch potato but gets to interact. >> where you see, is this, we have seen exponential changes in technology or do we always talk in those terms. we talked about the game-changing technology in 1994 1997, are things changing at a speeding rate? >> the car hasn't changed that much considering there's a lot going on in car technology, most time to do with internet accessible carsar self driving cars
Jul 1, 2012 7:00am PDT
>> hello, thanks for joining us. this week, we are featuring remarkable innovators. he's not just showing up chrysler motors brands new sedan, also the first successful launch of a spacecraft into space and back to earth. another true visionary, peter went to harvard medical then m.i.t., expecting to help populate outer space. he went on to launch a non-profit, the x prize. a competition to fund private space projects and other scientific breakthroughs. finally, a fresh perspective on cars. we have a wonderful look at key innovations in the auto industry and how they've impacted our lives. first, the founder of pay pal c.e.o. space x and tessla motors. the tessla sedan. zero to 16 in about six seconds which is pretty fast. the performance vision is 4.4 seconds. faster than a porsche. >> all touch screen. >> full screen, as well. it has google maps. >> radio luwanda. wow, you're not kidding. [ laughter ]. i could listen to this all day. >> nirvana? and typical charge takes how long to fully recharge a battery? >> with the super charger, you can recharge in less than an hour. at lea
Jul 13, 2012 11:00pm PDT
it to what you do so you have maximum power output. if you choose to use the same number of hours great. i have a quote from tim draper, and he's not going to recommend people work four hours a week. and other people have read it, and they don't want their employees to work four hours a week. but they do want their employees to get as much done as they sit in front of the computers. >> it gets rave reviews because it challenges people about designing a life. is that fundamentally what you're trying to achieve here communicate a life worth living. it has some balance and integration to what? >> what it, i suppose at its core is intended to teach is how to focus on designing a lifestyle, ie, a life that you want to have, including the things you want to be, what is fun. then work back backwards that you design your career and business to support that instead of having this deferred life plan with retirement and future, putting all these various things off, and then having your lifestyle being a side-effect of whatever your business happens to be. >> how do you define--what's your closest app
Jul 20, 2012 8:00pm PDT
.e.o. number seven. she gives us five clues for what it takes to succeed in the valley. we'll decipher what it really means. so often we talk about how we can make technology for accessible to everyone. there's one place we can do more using the internet to help government become more open and accountable. ellen, thanks for being on the show. >> happy to be here. >> let's jump right into this, openness transparency and actability addressing those three issues is money in politics. this presidential election is just a perfect example the absurdity of money and what it's already played in terms of its impact and outcomes of the primaries and in the presidential contest. what can we do to address this fundamental issue. >> first we have to understand that transparency of political money is the kind of democracy without that, we know nothing about what's really going on, the kinds of influences that the money might exert on the people who are behind the candidates. the turn of the century the turn of the last century, 1907 we've had a firm rule about clear and complete disclosure of campaign co
Jul 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
, that entrepreneurial spirit that's inside all of us? >> i tell peel, if you are an entrepreneur, you have passion, go after what you are passionate about. i generally find -- and this is surprising to people entrepreneurs who chase making a buck tend not to be as successful as entrepreneurs who chase their passion. passion is a key ingredient to real success in entrepreneurship and i item people their passion is what they can get excited. when somebody goes wrong, they will bang their head against the wall instead of giving up. >> that's what entrepreneurship takes. i am a huge fan. it's patrol the only thing, way more important than policy. the policy helps. it's way more important than policy in solving world's problems. >> can you teach entrepreneurship or is it insnarnt are we born with it? something we can evolve? >> a little bit of both. but i actually think what encourages entrepreneurship is great role models. just starting amazon and sergei started google. the only 0 role model kids had was michael jordan. they all played basketball. now, there are a bunch
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)